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Select from various giving options. Your selection will be treated as a charitable donation by you.

Thank you for visiting our Donation Page. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you experience any difficulty in using this page or if you have any questions or comments.

See what we are doing with your 2024 Donations.

Great News! Divide your Donation into 12 equal monthly payments and add your monthly Donation to your monthly Member Dues Statement. Details here.

Amazon Wish List

Max and Junior Sailing have assembled a Wish List of items needed by the Program and the Foundation is ready to send these gifts to Junior Sailing in your name. Just select your desired Buy a Gift amount below and we will work with Max to pick a gift from you.

Bumps Scholarship

Donate to the Vernon G. Eberwine, Jr. “Bumps” Scholarship Fund. The Scholarship was established in February 2017 in memory of Vernon G. Eberwine, Jr., to enable deserving youth to participate in Hampton Yacht Club’s summer sailing programs. Learn more about the Bumps Scholarship, or apply for a Scholarship, here. You may donate in any amount.

Vernon G. "Bumps" Eberwine Jr.

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Buy an Opti Training Sail

Buy 1 or more of the 10 Opti Training Sails which Junior Sailing needs for the Club’s Opti training fleet.


A sail by itself requires a $225 donation.


For an extra $75 you can get your name or business logo on the sail. We will contact you for your name/logo preference if you select this option.


Buy a sail yourself or with a friend.

Just Make a Donation

Donate to the Foundation's general fund to support Junior Sailing and other Foundation activities in accordance with the Foundation's Mission Statement.


You may make a donation in any amount you desire.

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Spread the Love -- Donate on Your Monthly Member Statement

Effective with your June 30 Statement, you may elect to have $10, $25 or $50 billed on a monthly basis to your Statement and donated by you to the Foundation.


The election is only good for the current calendar year and automatically stops each December 31 unless you sign a new election Form.  The Foundation will reach out to Statement donors each October and ask if you wish to sign a new election Form for the next calendar year.

The election Form also allows you to choose how your donation is to be applied -- unrestricted but limited to our Mission, restricted to our Bumps Scholarship program or restricted generally to support Junior Sailing including Scholarships and the Amazon Wish list.

You may make your election in one of two ways.

You may print the election Form, complete and sign it and leave it in the Foundation's mailbox in the Club Office or you may complete the electronic election Form here (coming by Memorial Day).

What could be easier for you and your wallet or pocketbook?

Have Your Employer Match Your Donation

Did you know that many employers will match charitable donations made by you? Some match as much as 100% of a donation.

What an amazing way to donate more money, and helping your Foundation, at no additional cost to you!

Contact us at info@hycfoundation for more information.

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