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High School c420 Summer Program -- Kites & Wires

In this first year of this Scholarship, the Foundation is offering two $1,500 partial Scholarships for Hampton Roads High School sailors racers wishing to attend the HYC Junior Sailing c420 Summer Program.

The Kites & Wires Team, as it is also known,  is intended for High School racers ages 13-18. Additional requirements are:

  • You must be actively sailing in VISA in good standing

  • Include a letter of intent explaining your sailing experience, what you hope to get out of the Program and why you are applying for this scholarship

  • You must be willing to committing to 5 CBYRA regattas as long as HYC Junior Sailing provides a boat and boat transportation

  • Provide a Coach's recommendation and endorsement of your basic sailing skills

Visit the Junior Sailing web-site for more information on each Program and for Program schedules.

This is a need based Scholarship. For 2024, family household income must be less than $115,000 (2 adults in household)/$85,000 (1 adult in household) for the High School c420 Summer Program.

Interested? Apply for a Scholarship. The deadline to receive your Application is May 31-- but don't wait as Applications are reviewed and acted upon when they are received.  The HYC Foundation Bumps Scholarship Committee will notify all applicants of their status promptly after receipt of their Application.

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