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Junior Sailing Travel Expense Scholarship

The Junior Sailing Travel Expense Scholarship is designed to assist with travel and related costs for major long-distance away events for HYC Junior Sailors.

We have a very limited amount of these Scholarships.

Scholarships range from $50 to $1,000.

To qualify,

  • The event for which a Scholarship is being sought must be at least 350 miles distant from HYC (south of Myrtle Beach, west of Pittsburgh and North of NYC)  and be a “major” sanctioned race (National International Championship for Opti or 420 or immediately lower-level qualifier for either).

  • Applicants must have placed in the top half of the fleet in a multi-club race in prior 12 months.

  • Applicant must already be registered for a Race in order to apply.

  • Costs may include travel, lodging, meals and boat rental.

The Travel Expense Scholarship application process will open June 1.

Interested? Apply for a Travel Expense Scholarship.

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